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Hotel Bernina
Via Napo Torriani 27, 20124 Milano


Description: Hotel Bernina is located in the heart of the business center and the crossroads of the economiclife of the province of Lombardy.It is well connected to the most important places in Milan and thehinterland ( highways, the Central Station, lines 2&3 of the undergroundFAIR of Milan, Public square DUOMO), bus terminal for both Linate,Orio alSerio and Malpensa airports. The Hall of the hotel is noted for its worm atmosphere in wich customersatisfation is the prime factor; there is on on-going exhibition ofcontemporary artists an Internet corner with dedicated ADSL lines at thedisposal of customers and on INFOPOINT where guest can get information about entertainment.

Hotel Bernina Hotel Bernina Hotel Bernina

Dorm: n/a | Quad: 120.00 € | Triple: 90.00 €
Twin: 60.00 € | Single: 45.00 €

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