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Go Apart's
Creu Coberta 93, Barcelona


Description: In the city center of Barcelona! Rent an Apartment fully furnished or a private bedroom with shared facilities. Keep some intimacy and know people from all over the world...from 0 to 99 years old! All the apartments are cleaned everyday. You will see the difference!

Service: In each bedroom: Towels, soaps, linen, extra blankets, in most of them ventilators, and in each apartment clean kitchens, clean living rooms and clean bathrooms! In the kitchen FREE Tea and Coffee, as well as sugar... and all the necessary for you to cook a good dinner!

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Dorm: n/a | Quad: 34.95 € | Triple: 39.95 €
Twin: 44.95 € | Single: 59.95 €

* private bedroom(s) and shared facilities (or whole apartment(s) if more than 5 guests, please contact us if you are interested in the second option).

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